Benchmarking Performance
Measuring a High Performing Culture

Modern research has shown that organizational culture can predict business success and that managers in high performing corporate cultures can leverage their culture to drive strategy and performance. Experts say that “healthy” or high performing cultures facilitate the adoption of strategies and practices that respond to changing markets and new competitive markets.

An organization’s values, beliefs and norms are the foundation of its culture. Employee surveys are extremely valuable because the perceptions of your team about the various aspects of organizational culture help us understand which cultures are high performing and whether employees are engaged or not.

PROWAY has solutions that
  • Help you discover the perceptions that your company shares about itself that impact on performance and engagement
  • Measure high and low performance and engagement levels, using our online Mileposts
  • Identify practical ways to improve your culture, pinpointing areas where lack of employee engagement is blocking progress toward critical business goals
  • Work with senior leaders to re-align the cultural values and leadership behaviors that drive high levels of employee engagement

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