Dr Carl Eugene Dorris

this is NOT your father's China!

When we founded PROWAY in 1999, our goal was to create a leading edge management and leadership consulting company, China based and Asia centric.

Today, we are a boutique management consulting company, specializing in assessment, leadership and organizational development. PROWAY has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Suzhou. We were the first to link outdoor experiential learning with personality type, creating powerful synergies for management teams and capturing the spirit of an emerging China.

We have been on-the-ground in China for more than a decade; in that time, China has emerged as a global player and has taken a place on center stage as an actor, as a producer and as a mega-superstar.

To fit this reality, PROWAY designs programs and online solutions to build sustainable organizations in China, in Asia and in the mushrooming online globality.

We help develop the new breed of visionary leader required to seize the global stage and lead their organization into China’s future.

I am Dr. Carl Eugene Dorris, the Executive Director of PROWAY. I received a Ph.D. in Modern Chinese History from the University of Kansas and was the recipient of a Postdoctoral Studies Grant to the University of California-Berkeley’s Center for Chinese Studies where I had the opportunity to study with Chalmers Johnson, Fred Wakeman and John Service, renowned China experts.

In the United States Department of State, I served in Beijing and Hong Kong and later was the American Consul General in Shenyang, China. While in the service, I discovered a gift for language and psychology. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Indonesian and Burmese and certified in the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Leadership Development Profile.

It is my pleasure and responsibility to help corporations decipher and understand their own internal cultures and invisible languages."

Dr. Carl Eugene Dorris
Shanghai, China, August 2011

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