CCTB  Chinese Critical Thinking Battery

What is the CCTB?
The CCTB is a general mental abilities test. It measures the development of critical thinking skills.

What is Critical Thinking?
Critical thinking is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, partially true, or false. It allows us to analyze and evaluate problems and the solutions to problems. The critical thinking process guides our passion with discipline, practicality and common sense.

Why should you focus on it?
Critical thinking is important in a business sense. It is part of the skill set of all good managers. Critical thinkers set realistic goals and make good decisions. Without critical thinking decision makers may make poor decisions.

Who is it for?
Fresh graduates, white collar employees, managers at all levels.

The CCTB measures five important mental skills:
  • Inference: To make logical choices given insufficient information.
  • Recognition of Assumptions: To make accurate conclusions based on rational assumptions.
  • Deduction: To eliminate subjective feeling and base decisions on logic.
  • Interpretation: To recognize absolute truth from the information in hand.
  • Evaluation of Arguments: To differentiate between relevant and irrelevant arguments related to the topic being discussed.

  • Features
  • Uses strength of general mental abilities as the primary criteria for selection. Critical Thinking is a surrogate for IQ which is generally seen as the second best predictor of success in the work place.
  • Valuable first cut recruitment tool, increasing the probability of selecting the right person for a position and making the entire hiring process more efficient and cost effective.

  • The CCTB is one of a series of original psychometric and general mental abilities tests that PROWAY has developed and localized for Chinese Mainland culture.

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