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discover We help our partners discover talents and strenghts; transform people and oganizations; and energize leaders to take their team to greater level of excellence.

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discover We help our partners transform people and organizations to become unified teams that can operate like the precise parts and components of a high performance racing engine.

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discover By discovering what makes people react in certain situations, we can predict their best performance to energize companies AND individuals to function at their peak efficiencies and comfort level.

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The Doctor says...

"Unlike in countries in the West, workers in China engage best when they can see the future. Does your company have Big Hairy Audacious Goals? If not maybe we can help you create a vision of your company's future in a Strategic Narrative Workshop guaranteed to grow the number of engaged employees."

Dr. Carl Eugene Dorris,
Executive Director
Dr Carl Eugene Dorris
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VL+ PROGRAM 1–A22–24 May 2016
VL+ PROGRAM 1–B10–12 August 2016
VL+ PROGRAM 2–A29–31 August 2016
VL+ PROGRAM 2–B20–22 October 2016
VL+ PROGRAM 3–A23–25 October 2016
VL+ PROGRAM 3–B9–11 December 2016

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