SAT  Safety Awareness Test

What is the SAT?
The Safety Awareness Test is a safety test. It measures an employee’s level of basic safety consciousness.

What is safety awareness?
Safety awareness is the set of behaviors and attitudes about safety that employees bring to the workplace.

Why is safety awareness important in the work place?
Workplace safety is important in all environments especially manufacturing and logistics. Increased safety is the key to accident reduction, injury prevention and continuous production. Safety is an essential factor in enhancing human performance.

The first step to creating a safe environment is to increase self-awareness. The SAT assesses the employee’s self-awareness of the workplace safety. The test helps employers create a benchmark for further safety and work performance initiatives.

Who is it for?
Operators, engineers, warehouse staff, drivers, technical staff and middle managers.

The SAT measures the five dimensions covering the fundamental elements of safety:
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Ergonomics
  • Tool Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • Mobile Equipment

  • Features
  • Useful recruitment tool to evaluate new employees as to strength of safety consciousness.
  • Valuable in assessing training needs of current employees.
  • Beneficial in determining the success of current and previous in-house safety initiatives.

  • The SAT is one of a series of original psychometric and general mental abilities tests that PROWAY has developed and localized for Chinese Mainland culture.

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