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Chinese Critical Thinking Battery
The CCTB is a general mental abilities test. It measures Critical Thinking Skills. The test measures five dimensions: Inference, Recognition of assumptions, Deduction, Interpretation and Evaluation of arguments. It is useful as a first cut recruitment tool for hiring new employees at all levels.

Safety Awareness Test
The SAT is an assessment designed to test current and future employee’s awareness and attitudes toward safety in the work place and reduce injuries and down time due to unsafe practices. The test measures five dimensions: Safe Work Practices, Mobile Equipment Safety, Fall Protection, Ergonomics and Tool Safety. It is useful both for hiring and evaluating levels of safety awareness of new and old employees.

Chinese Emotional Intelligence Test
The CEIT is an emotional intelligence test. It evaluates levels of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. The test measures four dimensions: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. It is useful to determine the emotional intelligence and intrapersonal skills for all levels white collar employees in the workplace.

Chinese Leadership Profile
The CLP is a leadership test. It identifies Leadership Potential, and measures eight personality traits linked to leadership potential: Reasoning, Emotional Stability, Dominance, Social Boldness, Apprehension, Extraversion, Warmth and Abstractedness. It is useful to discover hidden leadership capabilities of employees at all levels.

Chinese Maslow Motivation Test
The CMMT is a motivation test. It determines what motivates employees in the workplace. The test measures four dimensions relating to motivation: Reward, Stability, Success and Competence, and 18 sub dimensions. It is a useful test to determine what drives individual behavior and to identify the dynamics that motivate individuals, groups and entire organizations.

Chinese Type Assessment
The CTA is a personality test. The test describes 16 personality types predicted by Carl Jung’s research on personality. It is a useful in order to profile employees to assist them for their career development and to coach middle and senior managers to improve their leadership skills.

Chinese Graduate Emotional Questionnaire
The CGEQ is an Emotional Intelligence test for fresh graduates. The test measures four dimensions: Self-awareness, Self-control, Understanding of Others and Relationship Management. It is useful first cut tool to find high potential college graduates who have strong interpersonal skills.

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