CMMT  Chinese Maslow Motivation Test

What is the CMMT?
The CMMT is a motivation test. It identifies the key factors that motivate an employee to higher levels of performance within an organization.

What are the key factors that motivate an employee?
Research has shown that there are eighteen factors that unleash an individual’s energy. These factors can be divided into extrinsic factors like Reward and Stability, which produce the life outcomes which are important to an individual, and intrinsic factors like Success and Competence, that are the internal drivers that self-motivate individuals.

Why is understanding motivation of employees important to your organization?
A successful organization is created by highly motivated people. The WOMI allows an organization to determine what drives behavior and shows the dynamics that motivate individuals, groups and entire organizations. It compares individual motivational variables with those of the organization and facilitates selection. By discovering the employee’s wants, needs and drivers, the organization can make necessary adjustments to both its organizational environment and leadership styles to maximize the fit with the individual’s needs, and so improving the individual’s motivation and job satisfaction.

Who is it for?
White collar workers at all levels.

The test measures four macro dimensions relation to motivation:
  • Reward
  • Stability
  • Success
  • Competence

  • Features
  • Improve coaching ability
  • Motivate employees
  • Increase employee enthusiasm and team ability
  • Enhance manager’s skills at managing employees at different age levels
  • It is a useful test to determine what drives individual behavior and identifies the dynamics that motivate individuals, groups and entire organizations.

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