Transformational Leadership PLUS for Seniors (TL++)A unique opportunity!

In China’s challenging business environment, managers need time to reflect on who they are, what they are doing and where they are heading. Here is that opportunity to step back, reflect and recharge!

We have discovered that many expatriate and Chinese managers from smaller companies don’t have the opportunity to receive advanced leadership and management training. They also often lack the forum to get together with other like managers and discuss their challenges with peers in a safe environment. As a result we designed this workshop just for you – the busy General Manager in China who needs that extra support in his or her daily work and who would benefit from a training, self-development and peer-to-peer interchanges and coaching.

Design and Features
Transformational Leadership PLUS for Seniors (TL++) is a program that can provide extra support for manager’s work life.
It utilizes experiential learning techniques to enhance learning points and to lead to lasting and insightful experiences.
TL++ is a series of three-day workshops which occur over an eight month period and is comprised of three separate workshops “modules” complemented by small group coaching sessions.
Prior to each module, participants will complete psychometric tests or soft skills assessments. PROWAY will debrief the test results and use them to help design personal action plans.
Between workshops we will hold a small half day coaching sessions using experiential learning techniques as a way to enhance learning points and to lead to lasting and experiences and insights. PROWAY's debriefs are an essential feature in the program and complete each activity as a part of the learning process.
The workshop requires pre-program readings, classroom work and preparation for the following day’s program on each of the four evenings of the workshop. The program requires a high level of participation.

Key features of the TL++ Workshop series include:
  • Multiple psychometric assessments including the Leadership Development Profile (LDP) made famous by the Harvard Business Review.
  • Small group leadership opportunities to practice and develop personal leadership skills.
  • Competency-based training built around the classic “4E+1P” (Energize, Enlist, Empower, Envision + Passion)” system.
  • Experiential based learning, using activities, role plays, simulations and case studies.
  • Mid-term coaching sessions in small peer-to-peer learning groups;

Advantages and Benefits
By attending this workshop series, participants will:
  • Increase personal self awareness through an extensive assessment and coaching process.
  • Develop a greater appreciation of interpersonal relations and how to improve them using techniques such as behavioral and transactional analysis.
  • Enhance skills in creating emotional connections with followers.
  • Practice and improve strategic thinking and long term planning.
  • Create frameworks for communicating visions and relate them to followers dreams.
  • Benchmark current life status through assessment and peer review.
  • Network and interact with peers in a safe, supporting environment

PROWAY’s founder, Carl Eugene Dorris, will lead the Transformational Leadership PLUS Workshop Series.

Workshop Schedule

Module Date Venue
A: The Visionary Leader 15-17 March 2012 Shanghai
B: Discovering Yourself 14-16 June 2012 Beijing Great Wall
C: The Interactive Leader 13-15 September 2012 Wu Dang Mountain


40,000 RMB prepaid inclusive of all training materials, all assessments including the Leadership Development Profile, room and board for two nights lodging at each session at the hotel and venue costs.

Contact Information

To apply please fill in the registration form: HERE And either fax back or return it by email.

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For more information, please contact:
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